Tony Fitzpatrick was @ Pierogi in Brooklyn

Worker Ace, 2006 Mixed media on paper

Collage clearinghouse is a bit late on this one, but the online pictures are definitely worth your while. Tony Fitzpatrick had a fascinating exhibit at Pierogi entitled "The Wonder: A Portrait of Chicago."

Chicago Monster #1, 2006
Mixed media on paper

These involved and pattern-laden works totally enthrall the viewer. The bright colors, the interesting manner in which he frames the pieces with ephemera....oo la la, so rich!
The series contains several centrally styled mixed media works. I like them very much because of their graphic quality. I am a pattern freak, and he has used a plethora of them in these pieces.... The other thing I like is the use of the playing cards in this series. It ads to the symbolic nature of the work. Finally, I need to comment on the interesting texts that exist on the borders of these...I like the way they are incorporated into the work. It is subtle. He varies them red and black and that adds its own pattern. Super Nice Work!
He has a website, but you can also see this particular series on the Pierogi site.

Chicago Monster #2, 2006 Mixed media on paper

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