GraciaLouise from Australia

Image above, page detail from The Dubious Clue (also published under the title, Extinct animals sing the Blues)
The mailbox at CollageClearinghouse is chock full of goodies. Now that my computer is on board again, I need to get caught up with all these new things and do some sharing!

GraciaLouise = Gracia Haby + Louise Jennison = Australian Collage Pals
This prolific duo has such a refreshing and natural way of looking at things. There are a whole bunch of very intriguing little artists books that they display on their website. I am such a fan of artists books, and these are really cool.
Gracia does illustrative post card collages. When big animals collide with little people, I immediately start going fairy tale awol. I am always drawn to pieces that are telling a story. I do enjoy abstract artwork too, for different reason, however the child in me is appeased by artwork that contains characters, especially animals that I know and love like foxes and owls and an occasional badger.

There are lots o' places to view this pairs' imagination. They have an etsy shop, blogs, a website, and a hoot of stuff on flickr.

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gracia said...

So happy to discover that you like what Louise and I make together, in collaboration, and individually as well.

Thanks for your kind and enthusiastic words, and keep your eyes peeled for a few more paper badgers and the like.

On the animal front, you may like to check out an additional blog I have just started:

cheers, g

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