Tales of the Forest Book 2 — Free Download

12 Tales of the Forest — Book 2, Julie Sadler

In this post I introduced the 12 Tales of the Forest. It is a project I am working on that has 12 different one page books that combine to equal the 12 Tales of the Forest. I am a bit late on releasing #2, but here it is, the second in the series. These are cool little books. I love the printing on only one side feature!
You can download book #2 here.


tgarrett said...

Thanks so much Julie- I love these little books and used 2 of the ones I have of yours in a class yesterday. I had introduced that bookform (I have done that for years)and your books are perfect examples of how an artist uses this form. Thank you for your generous sharing. Warms my heat in the 20 below we woke to this morning here in northern Minnesota!

julie said...

Your welcome terry!
I am ready for spring at this point. Snow forecasted tonite again tho...

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