Mr. Ghost Chairman

Mr. Ghost Chairman
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So I went and did it repeat. And this must be Ghost Chairwomans' husband. The Mr.
I was trying to achieve a better feeling of the light and a more obvious ghostly tone in this one. I altered the contrast on the photo before I output, and it really changed the colors I had to use.
If you look up close at this one, the silver glows. The Interference Oxide Green Acrylic (Golden) shines brownish in one plane, and a shimmering green in another almost like a hologram. Makes a great effect in this piece, too bad the scan doesn't really show it.


OLED said...

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tgarrett said...

Julie- I have been meaning to post for some time- I like these- that dreamy room setting has such an atmosphere of mystery. I like the combination of the photo and the ephemera. I is not the easiest thing to bring those two things together in a cohesive way and I do feel you did just that. Terry

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