Ghost Chairwoman

Ghost Chairwoman
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I tried something new this time. Well, it isn't new, that's for sure, but it's new to my trickbox. I mixed my background in MAX/Jitter, and then printed it on my really good watercolor paper on my Epson 2200. The paper takes the images so beautifully but I usually am busy making up my own scenery so this was a departure from my norm. The background is composed of a 2 photo mixture. One was a photo of a ceiling with swirling ceiling tile and a light fixture. The other was a shot of an elegant room in the now boarded-up Hotel Adler in Sharon Springs. What struck me the most about this particular image mixture was the crazy magenta that remained on the floor. I hesitated to add the olive at the top, but I decided if I didn't like it, I could do it over differently. I think I may try it again, only with more white-based images to help accentuate the thing that attracted me to it in the first place, that brilliance in the window reflection.

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