Call for Korean Ephemera

Decaying Magnesia • 20" x 38" • Mixed Media Collage

I am working on a project about a small decaying town in upstate NY. This town used to be a very popular mineral bath and spa resort during Victorian times. Several of the more historic and interesting buildings have recently been purchased by a Korean company that plans to bring people in for vacations. They want to refurbish the spa and make it a thriving town again. Of course, being Korean, they have different ideas on what the new town will include!
I am working on a second phase of artwork on the town, based on what I envision happening when the construction is over. I would like to include Korean ephemera in my pieces, however I am seriously lacking. I can afford to pay a little bit for the pieces and shipping. Does anyone have any source, any ephemera anything Korean they can share? (receipts, tickets, food labels, packaging, photos, newspapers, calligraphy... anything with Asian type characters on it) Please email me at rustik@mac.com for particulars. I would seriously appreciate it.


eva eun-sil han said...

Hi this is eva(do you remeber me?)
I'm going to visit to Korea to see my family, so I may find some ephemera for you, if it's not really late !
Please let me know or you can send me an e-mail with the details.


wish you a good day !

julie said...

OMY this is really great news! I will contact you off blog!

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