Video Collage

Continuing along with trying out their new ideas about music marketing, Nine Inch Nails has started a film festival on youtube. They are encouraging contributions from their fans to submit interesting and creative videos to accompany their new Ghosts release. Since the music has a CC license, this allows people to go crazy and create all kinds of new visuals. Again, breaking trends and starting a new way of looking at things, NIN has created a small video revolution. I love the idea and I wanna play too!
I have been working on a lot of video these days, hence the lack of multitudinous posts on this blog lately. I am trying to complete a movie I am making using collage works that I have done (that Sharon Springs project still...). It's a major undertaking, involving all of my skills. I have been a computer graphic artist since 1988, and in all that time I am lucky to have learned a bunch of cool programs, such as photoshop, MAX/jitter, Flash, Adobe After Effects, Quicktime...the list goes on and on. I really dig putting them all together for good causes.
I decided to take one of my collage videos and work it to one of the NIN songs on the CD Ghosts. I wanted to participate in this Film Festival of theirs, and thereby support it. You may have already seen the short clip of this particular collage piece that I have animated in this blog post. I had a bunch of extra video clips that were unused, so I did my best to place them to the music. It isn't my Mona Lisa or anything, but I liked the way it turned out. Here's the video I came up with.


Anonymous said...
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Frances said...

Love that video. Great work and the first of its kind. Collage in action.
Nice one

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