Quote by Yayoi Kusami

I recieved my copy of Art Review Digital in my email and read an article about Yayoi Kusami. I confess that I was not aware of her or her work, but I found her concept on art and her comments quite philosophical...

What do you hope to communicate to the viewer?

I hope to communicate that love is forever in the universe, and to share with them wishes for peace on the earth without terror and war.

When you make your work, to what extent are you thinking of the way it communicates with other people?

I am I. Others are others. We are different in many ways. Behind art are, however, aspirations common to all humankind. It gives me great joy when I find them.

Simply beautiful!
peace. love. groove. art.

Side note:
ArtReview: Digital is a great online zine to check into. I enjoy the articles, and the online zine interface is sweet.


Cre8Tiva said...

i so love these quotes...i need more...i will check out this zine...thanks...blessings, rebecca

scrapatorium said...

I am a big fan of Yayoi. I saw a retrospective of her work at the MOMA.

I really enjoy your blog too.

julie said...

thanks soooooo much!
I was inspired by Yayoi. I had not ever heard of her, but her philosophy just rocks me!

The Renzntzman said...

I also saw Yayoi's retrospective at the MOMA and bought the catalogue. Her work is amazing!

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