It's Friday. And usually this is a lazy day in my little world. Work is slow, everyone leaves early, it's payday, the weekend is on the horizon, and there is this frivolity attitude going on all day long.
In keeping with a Friday mood, today I present the collage work of Marty Gordon. He combines modern imagery with crazy text in comic bubbles! It is like a cartoon collage. I am digging his messages. I think it is less threatening to receive a striking message in a comic bubble. Somehow, speech balloons give me this innocent aura...(maybe because I didn't buy enough of the badass monster comic books!) I read his bubble text and it really grabs me. Also a plus, is the fact that his messages are relevant to today, and seem to be pointing to a higher purpose, a bigger message. It works for me, because the seriousness of his point is not easily noticed at first glance. He draws you in to see what this is all about, and then Zaps you with the punch line. KaPOW!
His blog is here. Pump up your Friday!

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