Collage and It's Relationship to Recycling

BLOG ACTION DAY: Collage and Recycling
(Today is Blog Action Day. You may notice a plethora of blogs choosing to discuss the topic of environment today, and this is one of them.)

There is a natural recycling action that starts from the very origin of our thoughts. Every single day our minds take in thousands of new thoughts, ideas, images and sounds. We process them, distill them, file them, and then recycle them over and over throughout the course of our entire lives. This process is innate, involuntary and totally encompassing. There is no end to the recycling that our minds do...even with mind altering drugs and restraint, we continue to add, subtract and recycle.

Collage is the perfect artistic mirror of this organic process. Images are gathered, stored, filed, used, re-used, adapted, colored, stored and then used again. Their initial context may blur, the associations and relationships between them may alter, and they also may distort and morph into other images. I find this type of art very intuitive, because it taps into my inner mode of recycling and reinforces it.

There is a lot of contention between artists, producers, musicians, record companies, copyright owners...But the bottom line is that we ALL need to learn to use our resources wisely, no matter what we do or where we are. Recycling is the mode we should be in for the rest of human race, not just today, or during our lives and those of our grandchildren. It is the beginning for us in understanding our longevity on this planet. Critical for survival.

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Well-said!! Thank you!!

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