1000 Journals Film to Premiere in November!

I have some new information regarding the 1000journals film!
The 1000 journals project involved 1000 blank journals that were sent out into the world to be filled wherever/whenever, and then returned to California, to Someguy, who initiated the project. I was lucky enough to be involved with at least 4 of these journals. They were really fascinating, and before I knew it I was also involved with the 1000journals film. Andrea Kreuzhage directed this documentary on the project, and she traveled all over the world and visited with several people that had particated in the project. I met up with Andrea in NYC and we filmed on the streets in Chelsea. We also visited and filmed at the 9/11 site together. So, I am in the film, but I don't have any idea what it looks like yet!
The film was just completed, and it is set to premier on NOVEMBER 4 at the AFI FEST in California. I am not able to attend, since it the same date as an important family gathering that is already scheduled. BUMMER! But IF you are anywhere near California next month, you should be thinking about buying tickets to go see this film! There should be lots of interesting people in it, lots of interesting ideas and art in it, and lots of inspiration for creative types.
If you are not aware of this project, you can find out more about it here and here.
Congratulations Andrea!

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andrea said...

Thank you, Julie, for this great piece about our world premiere. I'm nervous, excited, thrilled.... Wish you were there, in person, but we will travel with the film. More soon.
Hugs, andrea

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