Collage of Pope Pisses off the Church!!

I have this goal to bring collage news to the surface. Well this one really got me. Talk about stretching limits!
Dutch artist Ivo Hendriks's created a risqué collage of the pope getting it from behind...not to mention the fisting in the background! It's pretty crazy really. Apparently Ibiza, Spain is a place known for various forms of debauchery...and lo and behold there is an art exhibit called ‘Vamos a Ibiza’ or ‘Let’s go to Ibiza,’ in a church done by none other than Ivo Hendricks. The collage works he did for this particular exhibit play upon the fact that Ibiza is a rowdy place. Why the pope (and apparently other religious folk) are involved in these works is anyone's guess. The El Mundo newspaper says "Ibiza has never and will never exercise any form of censorship of artistic expression." Sandra Mayans (councillor for culture)says the church is not longer used for worship and the exhibit will be shown.
So 10,000 people go to see the show! But according to Spain Culture News, the Bishop of Ibiza, Vicente Juan Segura threatens to sue and the show goes down, long before the end of the month as planned.

The picture I was able to post was pretty lousy. You really can't see the detail or the quality at all. I am unable to make a decision about how I feel about this whole exhibit, because the pic is out of context. If he was using religious images to make some kind of global point, well I guess that is the point of art, isn't it? If it is just to slander and create trash, why would someone go thru the trouble of an exhibition? And the comments on these linked pages allude to some kind of hypocrisy, when the Mohammad cartoon is considered. Quite a bizarre story. Spain is Catholic country...I wonder what would happen in the states with this exhibit???

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