Appropriating Artists Face Uncertainty

I found this pdf today from the NYS bar association. It is really an informative essay, and contains many warnings for all those who appropriate things. It lists several recent copyright and fair use cases, and gives a warning to appropriation artists.
It makes me so uneasy to know that I am on the edge of the law on this. I guess it's all well and good and you can do whatever you want if you keep your art to yourself, hidden in the closet. But what good is art in the closet??

I want to make it perfectly clear to anyone who reads this blog the details of how I feel concerning the incident on flickr.
I was really silly to go and just download images and use them in my work in this case. The user had pictures that he had marked "All rights reserved." I was ignorant in that I didnt' read the fine print before I went ahead and used it. Of course I didn't realize it, or else I would not have told the person that I had used his photo!! I was surprised at his reaction. Instead of flattery, he was pissed. Good thing! He woke me up to a phenom that escapes me in my naivete. Some people don't WANT you to use their stuff, and they have that right. That is fair enough. I destroyed the image that I had made. I respected the wishes of the photographer. Downloading images and using them is out for now...My ephemera collection is quite far reaching. I can spend many months using what I have without touching anything else. It's the spontaneous combustion of my work that may suffer a little. I need to learn to hesitate, then appropriate!

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