Zero Sum Art Project

I read about The Zero Sum Art Project while digging around at diggingpitt. I had to look further into the situation and turns out this is quite an interesting project.
Basically, "The goal of the Zero Sum Art project is to create a financially isolated studio environment, in which every cost and every profit is documented and made visible to the viewer, and see if it is possible to create a self-sustaining studio practice." It is quite a fascinating idea, and the fact that Marc Snyder is turning it over and making it happen is very encouraging!
Even more interesting to me of course, is the fact that Marc is creating collages, and he is documenting is work on them with his blog, the internet, and ebay. I really like the documentation of the artwork. Cool idea.
Check it out. The details can be found here.

Zero Sum #12, Marc Snyder, 2007
pencil, charcoal, acrylic matte medium, acrylic paint, a NASA postcard, and 4 postage stamps on white BFK Rives paper, attached to a larger sheet of white BFK Rives.

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