Human Artefakts in Christchurch, NZ

The Centre of Contemporary Art in New Zealand is hosting the Human Artefakts exhibit. This show was formed by a core group of collage artists from the yahoo collage group. This group, which is spearheaded by Cecil Touchon, is a great place to find other people that work in layers.
This exhibit has traveled across the world and been shown in the USA, Germany and Australia before heading to New Zealand. Works can be seen here online, at the site of Dale Copeland, who is a New Zealand resident and an established collage and assemblage artist.
Another exhibit called the Mini Artefakts exhibit will be shown in San Diego in August. More on this soon.
I have 2 works that were in this show, but they were something I tried on canvas, and not representational of my usual work. I had thought about pulling them and sending along 2 others, but the logistics behind the scenes of having this amount of artwork traveling together across so many borders already caused havoc & work for those involed. I didn't want to rock the boat and add more stress to them by switching things around. I have also moved twice since the exhibit started and that also seemed like a bothersome thing to have to inform them about.
I really like this marketing idea. Having the exhibit online allows a gallery to see the works and preview what will be shown in their space. Is this being done "out there" in artland? I am too naive and far removed from any gallery scene to be able to know about these things...I may end up sending an email to Eva Lake and find out what her thoughts are on the subject. I have been reading her blog lately and there is a lot of good stuff there.

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