the gateway keepers

the gateway keepers
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I really have to wonder about my muse. There are 2 projects going on for me at the moment (besides moving and a full time job!!). One is a super hot project, 3 small collages for the Mini Artefakts exhibition. This is due in 2 days. The other is a large piece that I started last week, not with a deadline--it is "just" a personal work. So which one do you think I keep working on? Well of course it isn't the project with the deadline. You know sometimes the muse is uncooperative with such things. I WANTED to work on the big work. I kept finding the right pieces, I was in a green mood, I was FEELING the gateway...I know I was supposed to do the smaller ones that are due. But why is it that I couldn't tear myself away from this one?
I seem to work under this semi-rebellious mode.
"What???!! I am doing art!" I say to myself, "As long as I get something done, I am okay."
So now tonite, I have to be right on my game and get to finishing those 3 little mini pieces. No procrastination.

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