a new look

today this blog sports a new look. i don't have the time to design html for my own unique template page right now, but i did get a chance to do a small tweak!

i really feel as tho this whole moving thing is like a huge turning over of compost. first of all, in my stuff, since i have uprooted everything and made a huge and complicated mess of 7 years worth of collage clippings! second of all, because during my small studio hiatus, i have been doing a lot of thinking, a lot of sorting, and a lot of starting over. i look forward to trying a new approach and doing something phresh when i get set up.

as usual, things seem to bleed across all levels in life. i have changed the look of collage clearinghouse. why not change and start over on a new level even on this blog?
in fact, i think i shall change my desktop picture too. this digital life sometimes needs an update.

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