Clearing House

I must apologize to any faithful readers who may have realized that the clearinghouse is slow these days.

I am Clearing House!
I am in the process of moving to a new personal residence. This means the usual packing, sorting, throwing away, and moving of many boxes, but also it involves the massive movement of an art studio full of unorganized and unwieldly ephemera. I have an extreme and vast collection of old papers. Some are all neat and precious and in white folders which are like huge security doors to me when i am working. They scream at me when I open them....DONT CUT THESE UP! Others are boxes that are falling apart and busting at the seams with paper dripping over the edges. Then there are not 1 but TWO cabinets full of vintage magazines in various states of disarray some with covers missing, pages in signatures. There are boxes and boxes of cut up papers and good pages that were never used that i might use some future day. There are paints, brushes, and collage mediums, pencils rulers photos food labels Did I mention the 2 bookshelves full of books I am destroying? The other 2 bookcases of reference books? The roll of tyvek, the yupo, the paper moose signs I picked up at the lumber yard, boxes of beads, fabrics lace and birch bark???...um, The list seems endless. Organizing all this is a major undertaking and it has me stretched to the limits...and at my wits END! it is tantalizing to handle all these wondrous textures but not be able to address them. I get a strong pull from the ephemera as I sort thru it. It wants me to express myself!!! I fight the urge, but I am saving up a huge creative burst for when I get situated. That is certain.

The time needed to devote myself to seeking out endless collage fodder online just hasn't been there as of late. On August 1, the move will be officially over and at that point I will resume my quest to report collage items of interest. For now I will continue to post simple things....images....but not with too much commentary!

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Mick said...

I always enjoy seeing an artists studio and working space. Thanks for this peek into yours.

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