Unmonumental at the NEW MUSEUM -Thanks to James Kalm

Today I was surfing and reading about various art-video. I learned about many videos that James Kalm has done and posted on youtube. He takes trips via bike (eco!) and visits various exhibits with his own vidcam. I was lucky to stumble upon his video about Unmonumental, the collage exhibit that I mentioned a few days ago here on collage clearinghouse.
He has posted this most excellent little report and although I usually frown upon youtubes in blogs, I found this irresistible! I was wanting to see some of Wangechi Mutu's work, but there was nothing in this video. Still, it's worth a watch.
UPDATE: James Kalm has commented on this post for me and pointed out that there is a huge piece done by Wangechi Mutu that is shown in this video. I can't believe that I missed it! But in my defense, it doesn't look anything like the pieces that I have already seen done by her. Most Excellent! Thanks JK!

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kalm james said...

Hey collage clearinghouse,
Please take a second viewing of the tape. At about 6:49 there is a sweeping view of the massive Wangechi Mutu wall piece with some close ups and a little description. Check it out and stay tuned JK

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