Equilibrium Poised in an Epergne

Equilibrium Poised in an Epergne
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Yet another piece for the Sharon Springs DK project. The central photo was taken in Sharon Springs. There is a lower bathhouse behind the White Sulphur Spring and it has this terrific green gothic grate in door. The Epergne (a fancy Victorian centerpiece) was in an old and decrepit silverware catalog that has no cover and no back. I really liked it's form. I tried to get a sense of balance in this one, with a ying and a yang side to it as far as dark and light is concerned.

What was going on in my head while creating? The guy is literally bending over backwards to accommodate her. She is accepting but arrogant or cautious. It isn't clear whether the door of communication is open or closed. That's where your own thoughts come in.

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