Collage from New Zealand

Dale at home in New Zealand

What kind of collage blog does not include Dale Copeland? Dale is a powerhouse artist that resides in New Zealand. She is very involved in her craft and is an inspiration for many artists. Dale has run the Virtual Tart website for Taranaki artists since 1997, and organised Taranaki exhibitions around the world. She also is the curator for the very popular International Collage Exhibition and Exchange. Aside from her active involvement with promotion of artists through the TART site, she is also a prolific and talented collage and assemblage artist.

By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them
mixed media assemblage by Dale Copeland, 1987
Collection of Jerome Leyendecker, USA

Her website is loaded with quality examples of 3d pieces and she recently has updated her collage page. A visit to her site will take some time. There's a lot of work there and the messages are deep.

Moving towards loss of identity
Collage by Dale Copeland 2008


Joy Logan said...

I love Dale and all she does for us collage artists!

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Oh wow, I remember I had to make lots of collages when I was in school , but never any of them ended up as nice as these ones here!

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