Asha Zero

Diskette, Acrylic on board

This is a reverse take on collage. Asha Zero creates these luscious collage compositions, and then He Paints Them. Take a closer look at this pic above, and wrap your head around the fact that painting collages requires some serious painting dexterity! From the SAEmerging Arts Blog, "He pieces together various materials and parts from a variety of sources - magazines, newspapers, stickers, posters - to construct ambiguous and considered, layered collages. When he is satisfied with this “layout as sketch,” he goes on to paint a replica of it; quite simply, he copies the collage, but into the most traditional of media."
I know of several artists that follow this same methodology. Amy Ross, Cecil Touchon...
I haven't attempted to ever paint one of my works. The complications of the torn edges vs the straight edges, the textures...I can't imagine being able to do this proficiently. I wonder about the monetary value of the collage that was used for the painting. Is it just a type of "sketch"?
Asha Zero has some really beautiful work. You will have to check it out.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie , please contact Asha Zero at noisecone@gmail.com

julie said...

Thanks, I sent him an email.

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