Peter Lewis and Some Surrealist Collage

Welcome to the Collage Circus
A gallery of paper collages sliced and diced with a scalpel flourish not seen since that nasty business in white chapel! Surrealist Weirdness built from Victorian Engravings to amuse and confuse the viewer and otherwise interfere with the normal functioning of the mind!

Free Your Mind, 2005, Peter Lewis

The black and white Peter Lewis work reminds me of some of these collages by Joseph Cornell...

Collages, Joseph Cornell

As I was searching to find these Cornell works, I came upon this interesting pageof Surrealist collage. I had not heard of some of these people. I just want to list the names for future posterity...and more google searches!!
Eileen Agar • Max Bucaille • Claude Cahun • Joseph Cornell • Enrico Donati • Max Ernst • Otto Hofmann • Geoges Hugnet • Nicolas de Lukuona • Herbert Lit • Marcel Marien • Andre Masson • Valentine Penrose • Jacques Prevert • Franz Roh • Victor Vasarely

I seriously liked this piece by Jacques Prevert.


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