Matthew Rose

I belong to the collage group on yahoo. A post today alerted me to this most excellent work by Matthew Rose.
The exhibit room with so many works on the wall is staggering coupled with a generous gift of magnifying glasses with which to view even closer bizarreness!!
More of his work can be found here



Hi Julie,

Thanks for your comments and for posting a link. Yes, it was a bit mind blowing. It took about three days to organize all the work and hang it, and it's taken me about two months to recognize the total insanity of it all. I produced the works in Paris on my small table. My father said years ago that I should produce large works, but that just isn't possible, so I created nearly 1000 works over the course of about 18 months that taken together, takes over the entire gallery. I had so many works some were slipped into nice Ziploc bags for perusal. People really got an eyeful with this show. I'd like to reproduce it in New York somewhere before I rehang it at Fran Bull's Gallery in the Fields in Brandon, Vermonth this coming June.

To be honest, not making works all day long has left me a bit lost. However, I have begun to make some super large drawings (in small bits), as is my December tradition. My friends think I'm mad. The drawings will be shown in London at the Royal College of Art with Art Vitam. Very different stuff, but as per usual, I feel the strange desire to make a 1000 of them. Think Allan McCollum without all his assistants!

Thanks again for your comments...



julie said...

Funny you talk about large collage works....I had such a limited area to work in before I rented my studio/loft. It consisted of a simple desktop, maybe 2 feet deep by 3 feet wide. Imagine all the papers, glues, paints, and accessories piled around the edge of that rinky dinky desk and then me trying to glue collage right smack in the middle of it. Of course, I WANTED to do large stuff, i HAD TO!!! I ended up doing works on the floor and having artwork hanging over the edge of the table. I had ephemera spread all over the floor. I used a plywood piece of wood to carry my art around as I worked on 30 x 22 pieces....misery! but I was enjoying large scale work. (till i had to pay for framing!!)
Then when I got to the loft and had an entire floor of space to work in, I wanted to do miniature works.
I sometimes think my mind wants to push my limits!!! go figure!
Thanks for taking a peek at collage clearinghouse. I hope you will find some time to read and comment once in awhile, as I think discussion is the way we all can share and learn!

As for your friends thinking you're mad...of course you are! I too am wacked. Lets revel in it!!!

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