my thoughts on ray j

Ray Johnson was a street artist. Pre-Graff he was. He was also a collage artist. "he never exhibited in galleries or museums but would only show his work in places like Grand Central Station or the street".
Why does this tickle me so? I really am such a rebel inside. I don't like the establishment and conforming and fitting in and all that. What a lack of individuality and expression. In art, I want to change someone...somehow. I am not certain this is a structured thing, and has to be done in a museum. I understand the place of museums, exhibits, and I intend to do this. But inside there is a serious portion of me that thinks taking it to the streets is another answer. Hence, my appreciation for graffiti, stickers, peeling, and altering a landscape.

""The artist explains every fragment by a tangle of literary references to current events, private lives, and predominantly a running dialogue with the art world... so that each work is meant to be read like a rebus. Unfortunately the key is not to be found without the artist's personal assistance, and is certainly not embodied in the works themselves...." This intrigues me because I often have seeded my work with so many personal jokes and puns and silly alignments, that I sometimes giggle to myself about how no one else would ever understand the meaning behind my works. I wonder about writing these meanings down, not that anyone would ever read about them or get it. Not that I have the time to do it either! It might interest someone, but seriously I am arting or writing. pick one.
"...the idea that art should be a wholly non-commercial and intimate experience among friends. The conventional museum/gallery assumptions about art are laid aside and the communication process itself is the member's primary concern." What a cool idea. How personal for art just to be shared among those present, perhaps it would be more of an emotional and moving thing. But unfortunately I want my stuff to be more permanent. Someone else years from now should be able to enjoy it, no?

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