cultronix #5--Collage Machine

Sometimes in this blog, I am simply listing an article link, as in this posts' title, and then I am culling quotes that mean something to me personally. These are tidbits that I want to remember, things that I am recording for myself for later on. If you want to read the entire thing, go right ahead. I can't go and quote everything from everywhere otherwise I am making a repeat web! Hopefully this explains the cut and paste nature of some of these blog entries. Indeed, using a cut and paste technique for a collage blog seems entirely appropriate!

"Detournement [is] the reuse of preexisting artistic elements in a new ensemble ... The two fundamental laws of detournement are the loss of importance of each detourned autonomous element -- which may go so far as to lose its original sense completely -- and at the same time the organization of another meaningful ensemble ... Detournement has a peculiar power which obviously stems from the double meaning, from the enrichment of most of the terms by the coexistence within them of their old senses and their new, immediate sense... All forms of expression are ... reduced to self-parody... We find ourselves confronted with both the urgent necessity and near impossibility of bringing together and carrying out a totally innovative collective action...

-- Guy Debord, Situationist Anthology pp. 55-56

"Collage is a critical paradigm of the information age because it opens the range of possibilities through which we interpret information artifacts. Cut and paste enables semiotic construction that simultaneously leverages and detourns the means of production embodied by particular media elements. The recombination of genetic codes of meaning creates hybrid forms. Through these cross-currents, culture, and even knowledge, evolve."

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