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I have been searching the web and looking for serious information about collage. I want to read commentary, criticism and find out where exactly does collage fit into the bigger world of art? I am finding that the information about this particular genre is scattered far and wide, like a vast international informational collage. I thought it might be wise to begin culling everything and anything I can about collage and putting it into one big clearinghouse, one place where you could read about collage, find out more about it in a larger context, read comments, engage discussion and continue to grow.

In view of our current copyright policy changes here in the US, collage could become a place where a battle occurs. Certainly collage has legal gray areas and this seems to keep people edgy about what to do with collage artworks. As a collage artist myself, I wonder about how a gallery feels posting creations that contain copyrighted images done by others...Does this inhibit collage in general? Does it make it more edgy? Is it less legitimate because we are not making every item ourselves?? It is important to keep a running record of where trends are headed, what people think of them, and how do we protect the art that we want to do.

This blog will be dedicated to bringing information about mixed media collage to whoever is interested.

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