more of an explanation! or confusion!

Wow. I am posting some crazy stuff lately to this blog! And I apologize. 
I need to elaborate on what I am attempting to achieve with a clearing out of works, since yesterdays post was kinda crazy and all over the place.
 I am actually baring my soul and taking you through the thought process. Geez remember, for now, it's all about the process!! I know I could have waited until I hammered all this stuff out in my head, but I think I am trying to explain the thoughts to you and let it unravel publicly. Most blogs, you know, they show their work, maybe tell a little personal ditty about it....and then they move on. It's all been done!! It's starting to feel shallow. I am attempting to raise my own bar, by writing naked posts.

I want to share how an artist feels as they compile a huge quantity of work that they just don't have the time or inclination to market. I am giving you my honest brain stream. Straight up....unedited. Scary.

Steven wrote a comment yesterday on how this all seems quite sad. We artists tend to value our own artistic skill by how many pieces we sell and how much money we make. Or how many solo shows we had. Or what bienelle we participated in. I can understand why he would feel sadness about me taking such little profit.  (I didn't ask him, but he has collected some of my work. Perhaps the sadness is over a loss of value of that work he purchased--it's something I mentioned yesterday in all that crazy banter--but knowing Steven, I doubt that this is his reason) But I personally am not sad about it, in fact I really am excited. I am very excited about sharing. WHY? Because I am a rebel. I hate our commercial culture. I hate the fact that artists seem stuck in the gallery system, and without it we flounder around like lost puppies. I want to break new trail. I have so much to give, it just seems appropriate.
I WANT to give art away! It seems liberating.
But it poses some serious problems, and these are the things I discussed yesterday.

I really want to remove money from the equation.
I want the price to be so low, that money is not the reason why you cannot have this work.
I don't think people should have to be rich to own fine works of art!
I want to give my art to people that will appreciate it and grow/learn/get inspired from it.
These objects do NO ONE any good sitting in a folder in my room for years on end. I want this art to go out into the world and inspire! Money? Is not the object. Sharing? Is. The way to go.
It does seem silly to think that we could just give our art to others and share. Certainly, this is not the way to make a living off of art! (Which, btw, I am not. I work 2 jobs already to support myself)  I am not doing this for money. If it was all about the money, I would have chosen to do something else with my personal time 12 years ago! I do it for Love. I do art because i can't help myself.

I changed my idea on the commentary.
After discussing this at length with an artist friend, I see so many pitfalls on the commentary idea. I don't want an ego-stroking party. I was hoping for helpful commentary, but if I go this route, you as a user and possible customer now have to turn into an expert, in order to supply a useful comment. That seems bogus. We aren't all experts. We all have feelings, that's different than everyone having art commentary!
I was thinking about putting a $25 price tag on the work....and if you want to buy it, you would need to make a comment as to WHY you want this work. Maybe this would weed out the whole expert/ego thing, and leave the ball strictly in the customers' court. Only their feelings would matter, and that's kind of interesting to me. I could send you my work, knowing that you purposefully picked it out
...because it matched your kitchen color scheme
...because the girl in the artwork looks like your sister
...because you understand my message
...because you simply like it
...because ???

I thought about setting up a scenario whereby through your comment,  the most deserved, or the most enthusiastic person would get to own the work. You would have to earn it.
This does seem contest-like. It's almost as tho you would have to convince me you were the one who deserved it the most. I don't like this aspect really, and I am still puzzling over this competitiveness...
This idea is the one I am still ruminating on. 

Other things bothering me?
What if....no one wants the work? (that will be public, and I will look like a failure, or like my work isn't worth anything)
What if...3 people want the work, and I pick someone on the merit of their comment, and the other 2 folks get pissed off?
What if...this idea seriously flops. I will be sad, and stuck figuring out still how to distribute this art.

I want the distribution of this art to be a performance art project in itself. 
Aaah. That's the root of my problem! I want the distribution of the art to also be creative. No wonder I am having such a tough time!!!

Please bear with me.


Monkeybrain said...

Perhaps a spring arts party where all works are marked down. The savings would be HUUUUGE! ;-) Then we could all get together and discuss art and the creative process and the distribution strategies of artists in general.

Monkeybrain said...
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Monkeybrain said...

what th'? I deleted the other comment, because it was a duplicate.

Julie Sadler said...

sure Steven, ya wanna come to the party with some of your work?

Julie Sadler said...

we can hijack barbara and take over her gallery!

Monkeybrain said...

Hey, now you're talking. We can make it something like a one-day event and perhaps do a panel (yeah, you and me... that's the panel). Something like ""Collageclearinghouse" LIVE! - Discussion and work by two or more amateur artists". With deep discounts on selected works.

Wax Beach Artist said...

Would that be a live video discussion? Webcam? I was on Twitter once and they were Tweeting about art being destroyed live on webcam and they got a pretty big audience but it was some guy with a long, self-important speech and people that drew 5 minutes on paper that got shredded, live. You could tear up your art and make collages live. Or just have the live sell and comments. That would be pretty cool. Monkeybrain's idea live.

Howard Caverns said...

Hello travelers! I've now found a moment to respond to this item and, more pointedly, Ms. Sadler's "real clearinghouse" conversation on her blog. (I couldn'r figure how to comment on her page. I'm so technically inept that it's a wonder I could get to this page! I'm hoping these thoughts will still travel.)
A consideration: give the art away to those who know you, love you and love your work, with the stipulation, of course, the art will be displayed. There's not any "performance" there, I realize, yet those who love and display your art will also promote your work to others who view your work in their presence. Am I naive to think this could yield "paying customers" (if that's a needed or wanted outcome)from friends of friends of friends?
Ms. Sadler's works (I'd enjoy seeing them live sometime: me alive and the art in vivo!) are wonderful and by giving away would create a legacy and potentially a windfall to its owners some day some way. The legacy need not be primarily cash on the barrel head, but if not for the artist in this life maybe for your designated heirs. Worst case scenario: your art is well distributed, displayed and loved and great stories are shared in years to come about great aunt Julie, great uncle Steve and their forays in to art. Very inspirational, in my estimation. (What aspect am I missing?)

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