A message from Alexis Anne

Dear Friends,
I hope this finds you all well and enjoying the new year. 

This Saturday at Swarm Gallery in Oakland is the opening reception for Bloom & Gloom, a duo exhibition with my friend Katy Horan and myself. The works I’ve created for this show are all non-figurative, a side of my work that I have always loved personally, but have not exhibited much. 

Other news: studio visits from just last weekend have been posted on Juxtapoz and The Flop Box... Follow those links to check them out. And, on January 30th, keep your eyes peeled for an illustration I made for the New York Times Sunday Magazine On Language column, utilizing football players, of all things. 

Below is the press release for Bloom & Gloom, and a couple images of my new work for the show; hope to see you Saturday!


“Milk Grass”, collage on vintage paper, 14 ½ x 12 in.


Sharmon Davidson said...

OMG- I really really really love this piece- the grace and subtlety- the movement- WOW! (I'm usually a bit more articulate than that, but this blew me away.)

Wax Beach Artist said...

It is really super cool (I am not very articulate, lol). Love it! Grats and I hope you sell a bunch at your show. If I lived anywhere close I would be there.

Monkeybrain said...

REALLY nice stuff! Thanks for sharing.

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