Queen Anne's Lace

Queen Anne's Lace
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Although I do like this piece, I am also annoyed by it.
I am trying hard to work into a new style, and trying to change my "look" as I have stated in previous posts.
I let myself do whatever I wanted to on this piece, while more recent pieces that required discipline were also on the table> I ended up working on The 2 MIss Leavens while simultaneously working on Queen Anne's Lace. I let this piece be me untethered...using whatever I wanted to create whatever I wanted with wild abandon. The 2 Miss Leavens piece was much more restrained, while I tried, exasperatingly so, to create a different look.

My thoughts....The watercolor on the substrate was very pure and the colors were too purple. I took transparent yellow ochre acrylic and did a horizontal wash over it to get the muted background effect. Unfortunately, the background watercolor entirely disappeared when I did the foreground collage work. It's a hazard in my collage work! The backgrounds frequently are gone. The more involved and the more elements are in the watercolor piece, the more difficult the collage work is, since I want some of the painting to show. This particular watercolor was quite lame so I allowed myself to cover it. Now it just looks like atmosphere.
So why does this piece bother me?
Cuz I like it, even tho I wasn't following my new rules going for a New Look!

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