Conway Road & Rte. 163

Conway Road & Rte. 163
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Actually, this was the first piece for this newer series. I did this a couple of weeks ago.The background watercolor is of a spot on Conway Road. The building...do you recognize this from the last post? It's Rte. 163.
I was literally dismayed while I worked on this piece. The wallpaper pieces were laid down first, and then I tried to ignore the bright patterns while I did the watercolor on top. I really had trouble with that, my brain was whining!
I am happy with this in the end. There's no people in it...something I am struglling with lately. I have an internal argument going on about ...to people or not to people. Strange, but I used to do paintings that NEVER had any trace of man in them. Now, I struggle to do collage without a person in it. I thought it had to do with me not wanting to draw people, but then I sat back recently and sketched a bunch of people. My skill, that's not the problem. It has to do with the subject matter of the piece, and my personalization and personification of the whole experience.

Whew. That sounds like a weird paragraph, but I shall leave it in, so maybe you can understand you are dealing with a crazy woman.


Monkeybrain said...

Hey Julie,
I'd like to learn that transfer technique sometime. I have similar feelings about placing people "into" a collage. I rather like having "ghostly" images of people from the past. It's always interesting how people's lives intersect; and in collage, this can happen "across" generations of strangers. Kinda cool I think.

Julie Sadler said...

Transfer w/plastic tape: VERY EASY

place tape over item you want to transfer, even if you have to layer the tape to cover the entire area.

Burnish down with your fingers a bit. Rub it.

Go to bathroom sink, and soak the paper for a couple of minutes. Use your finger to rub the paper off of the back of the tape. THe tape will miraculously hold onto the darker ink, and let you remove the paper from the lighter areas, creating the transfer.

Adhere to base with collage medium. (probably not good to adhere with the heat method of Jonathan's.)

I am using laser prints of my own photos for these, but I have read you can use magazine prints and do this.
I can't wait to see what you end up doing with them!

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