Economy & Collage

It's odd to feel like a stranger on your own blog. However, that's the story today as I take things into my hands and attempt to write here. I feel the rust between my fingers crumbling into the keyboard as I pull myself here to try to make up for lost time.
There's these wonderful people, like Clint Chadsey, who went out of his way to send me the most awesome packet of collage work; and Planet Susannia who also sent me a wad of art to drool on. These gifts bestowed with art love from comrades that I have not yet met...they are treasures that touched my heart and made me stop in my tracks. I wanted to run upstairs to the studio and pour out work like a machine, and send out wonderful packets in return! I wanted to write huge blog posts recommending their work and scan their pieces and show everyone the collage love that I received.
But I didn't.
It's not like I personally am suffering from anything other than the usual inflation, dissatisfaction with politics, and the like. It's me watching everything around me change and grind to a halt. It's the For Rent signs in downtown building windows in every upstate NY town from here to Albany, and from there to Syracuse. It's the slow sales at my fiancé's antique store...It finally has gotten to me. The economy has finally hit me. I have had to take on duties at my day job that require a lot more concentration with the same pay in order to keep that paycheck coming. I have had to step it up for my man Chris, and start helping him during his antique shows, at his store, and now online on his blog-Facebook-Twitter. I have had moments to myself, I admit, and altho I wanted to go upstairs and create, the need to pitch in and help seemed stronger. It's as tho my time has a dollar sign attached to it at the moment, and any deviation into personal enjoyment, creativity or reflection has been denied by the need to make a living. My conscience gets bothered when I sit upstairs cutting papers and painting, when Chris is working 15 hours a day and not getting any sleep worrying about our bills. How can I create?

I am not complaining, mind you! I am simply stating the facts of how it is in the great United State of Julie. I WANT to make. I want to make something. I have tons of really good new photos, and I even think I can see in my mind a new departure for some collage work. However, when the back of my brain is pounding about how we did the Cooperstown Art Show this weekend and how I am supposed to be blogging for Chris about it --hopefully to drum up some new customers and sales-- it's really hard to blog or create without feeling guilty. Like my time is wasted unless I can produce.
I hate that. I hate that to the inner portions of my heart. But I can't seem to stop this horrid feeling that I need to keep busy and pay off any and all debt and do my best to keep Chris' store afloat. I know that our debt is not overwhelming but I am scared of our future country's economy. Scared of how it could get worse. And somehow I feel like I am escaping it all by creating and it just isn't working for me at the moment. I feel the need to help. Not escape.

I am so grateful to Steven for taking up some of the lapses for me. I can't make excuses for my lack of content. But please understand I am busy working in life, trying to make ends meet. Hopefully the oppression I feel will end soon, and I can go up to that table and pour these new feelings out there where they can be more productive!
My blogging days are not over, but perhaps they are overshadowed by oil spills and global disaster in our oceans, credit cards, slow economy and my attempts to keep alive through it all.
Summer love to you all.


Monkeybrain said...

My heart goes out to you Julie. I sometimes feel guilty (and extremely grateful) that, at least thusfar, I have been able to keep creating. But my heart breaks for those less fortunate and for those being completely violated by the overwhelming greed that fuels the oppression of so many beautiful and talented individuals and families. I don't want to extend platitudes; but please know that my heart is with you and SO MANY others. I will continue to post and keep our collective community "alive". We look forward to your upcoming works and posts (whenever they come). Peace be with you and yours.

Julie Sadler said...

It's not like I personally have issues money wise. It's more like a sensitivity to the collective attitude. I don't feel right creating...it's like I am selfish.
It will pass Steven. I go thru these upheavals now and then.
I get a little freaky when I know there are people that read the blog and await some kind of fodder. It used to keep me going, that prod. But as of late, ignoring the world seems impossible.

tgarrett said...

I think many of us are there Julie- thank you for being out there with it. Given what is going on in the world makes making art something that at once seems self-indulgent and yet I have to be making something- I was born to cut and paste. My visual journal provides refuge. I taught a collage class the the U this summer and 3 of the students were women 69 years young- they were a joy and seeing them discover collage was a joy.
Someday we will continue our journal- hugs- Terry

Monkeybrain said...

... and if we stop creating as artists, in a way, the greedy, war-mongering bastards have succeeded in squelching WHY we continue to sustain the "life force"... to bring more beauty into the world than when we entered it. Perhaps art-making is self-indulgent, but it is also making the world a better place for us all, IMHO.

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