Long Lost Relative - Nainsook

Started a small series of altered cabinet cards for a show next month. I have had this particular one sitting on my table for at least 6 months. She was half done, and existed in limbo. Since I seem to be finding some sort of motivation lately, I finally finished her.

These simpler works are challenging because every single element counts. There's no room for frills or mistakes...since the cabinet cards are vintage and there's only one of each. This will hang via rusty wire, from a piece of tin ceiling that I have cut into smaller pieces.

Nainsook...I thought this was a wine label. It was in an old scrapbook that was really falling apart. I looked it upand found out Nainsook was a type of fabric... a fine, soft muslin fabric, often to used to make babies' clothing. Who knew!? I love that, because the lady I now named Nainsook is wearing something very white and very cottony looking. Sweet serendipity. I love that about collage.

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