TAXCUT - Extraordinary work by Chad Person

Cobra AH, 9 x 12, US Currency on Canvas, 2007
I found something seriously important to share with you today, the work of Chad Person. Reading this morning in my dailydose Flavorpill, I saw something about his latest work Taxcut and had to read on.
Taxcut is a really cool idea, accented with extraordinary detailed collage work.
You see, Chad is a professor teaching digital photography near an Air Force Base. He had one student named Harold that really pushed his buttons. I guess Harold was a mediocre student and failed Chad's class. Since he failed, he was going to have to pay the tuition, approx. $400, back to the Air Force...so the Air Force could re-allocate the monies to another deserving individual. So Mr. Person, decided to pass Harold...in fact pass him with an A+! Why?
Because he felt that it was a way to keep our government from spending even more of our hard earned tax dollars thru defense spending. This small sacrifice is an example of what needs to happen on a global basis. Imagine the sweeping change... if each and every one of us started to seriously consider the effect of our actions. Small sacrifices lead to bigger ones and eventually the wheels of life turn....
How does this relate to taxcut? Or collage even? Read this from the project info on his site:
" I have been destroying currency for my work for the past two years. As a professional artist, I deduct my material expenditures as a write off. If I slice up a hundred dollars to make an image, or a thousand, or just five, I am taking it out of the IRS coffers. Imaging the weaponry that I’m not buying with those dollars is a reminder for me that a little creativity can be quite empowering."
CRAZY idea right? Being able to use the money for work and then being able to use it for a political statement. Using creativity for the better of society. Terrific stuff!! I love the premise! And his work? Outstanding.

There will be a show on the West Coast of some of Chad's other work on a project called "Surviving The End of Your World". This is also a creative look at our political and environmental climate. The Mark Moore Gallery in Santa Monica will present this show in July. It opens July 10.

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