National Collage Society postcard exhibit

Greetings collage comrades!
Just thought I would encourage all of you who haven't already done so to become members of the National Collage Society. The NCS offers two opportunities to exhibit your work. The annual "Wish You Were Here" postcard exhibit is non-juried and open to all members. Each submission is limited to a 4" x 6" format (like a postcard). Here is the piece I've submitted for this year's exhibit (entitled "I'll send you a wire"). The NCS also sponsors an annual juried exhibit. The deadline for submissions to this show is August 27th. From what I've seen of previous exhibits, assemblage pieces are very common. For more information, check out the NCS website at www.nationalcollage.com. Enjoy!

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Julie Sadler said...

i would love to join up with these guys. I always have the thought when I don't have the money, and then when I have the money, it's the last thing on my mind.
thanks for the prod!

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