Eyjafjallajokull 3

Eyjafjallajokull 3
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This time, I had no picture in front of me. I did the piece from memory. I wanted to use some other reds....and ended up adding alizarin in much larger quantities. I also wanted more fire drama, but I think perhaps I went too far! The extra vibrant flames were helped by Golden acrylics....I used pyrole orange and ink to make some smoke like stuff. I wanted to try working with the waves of the watercolor. It's so difficult. Nothing has every challenged me like watercolor!
I am also doing practice runs of scenery in my neighborhood. I carry around the watercolors and paper in my car looking for good scenes. Soon I shall sit down and begin working collage and watercolor together in tandem. I felt the need to hone up the painting skills a bit first!

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Monkeybrain said...

Can't wait to see the work Julie! It sounds intriguing.

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