Wow! The 60/60 Event at the Everson Museum in Syracuse was awesome! It turned out to be a beautiful evening in Central New York -- sunny skies and warm. When we arrived at the event the excitement was palpable. We set-up quickly under the tent and had time to amble about looking at other artists' areas and watch the artists prep and begin working. There were so many good artists there and the variety of media was impressive as well (although I was the only collagist). I met some really nice people including artist Jeff Allen (he did the lacrosse player piece shown here). It was so nice having family and friends there for support too, including my wife Mary Carol, Tom's wife Debbie and daughter Leah; my sister Michele and her husband Steve and friends and colleagues Arlene, Linnea and Wayne. Thanks to all of you for your support!!! So the time that Tom and I had spent working out compositional aspects of the piece REALLY paid off (although we were still "sticking" a little bit on the final touches of the bottom left quadrant). It took us just about the full 60 minutes to get things in-place and put-down. It seems like lots of people were "intrigued" by someone doing collage (and the major element of the old photograph I think was powerful and drew people to the piece). We spent some time talking with passers-by and the finished product was especially well-received by many folks. I was VERY pleased when they announced the "People's Choice" awards to find out the Tom and I had won the prize for "Most Intriguing". Cool! Another good bit of news is that my sister Michele won the finished piece in the raffle drawing. I'm happy that I'll get to see the piece once in a while! Then we were invited to Linnea and Wayne's house for a VERY lovely evening of good wine and GREAT food! The evening was a GREAT success! I hope to take part next year as well. Enjoy!

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Julie Sadler said...

SUCH greatness!!! good for you steven!

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