Valentine frenzy

It all started with too many idle moments and some lofty ideas.
I wanted to do something unique for my man Chris for upcoming Valentine's Day, something other than the usual chocolate and card. We have these silver urns in our front window that have red dogwood branches in them. They are still left over from Christmas but I stripped off all the ornaments. I thought about making a bunch of hanging valentines and filling up the dogwood branches with them. When Chris comes down on Valentines morning to make the morning java, he can't possible miss my many valentine messages!

This one ended up looking medieval

So I came up with a basic format, and then sat down at the art table and finally got some good creative time happening. It's been tough to get anything done with the pain being first and foremost in my mind all the time. I need to relax, or at least not be thinking about how much it hurts in order to be able to express myself in art.
Once I got going on these, I couldn't stop. It felt so good to just let that other half of my brain relax! I did several of these little hanging treasures. I stuck to non-traditional colors and themes....you know I hate to be boxed in to using red and pink only. I have orange love, green love, all color love. So why not let other colors represent?>?
It's great to feel creative again, but this little exercise did little for me as far as fine art is concerned. I have been staring at the same 2 pieces ever since surgery. They aren't moving, and I can't seem to reconcile and finish them. If nothing occurs by this weekend, I will have to put these aside and start fresh. It's weird how some pieces fly together by themselves, and others sit there and ferment.

Orange luv

This one had an ocean theme

for you my soul doth pine—even a green valentine

(There are more for sale on Etsy, if you are interested.)

I keep getting these great emails from Steven Specht with info about all kinds up collage exhibits and interesting art stuff. I have asked him to join Collage Clearinghouse so we can all benefit and luckily he agreed. At some point, you will see a post by him...so enjoy!

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