Greetings friends of creative expression and experience!
First of all, I would like to thank Julie for allowing me to post on Collage Clearinghouse. I have enjoyed her posts and artwork and am hoping I can contribute in ways that will entertain and inspire as well.

Located in an old refurbished factory building right across the river from Manhattan in Queens (Long Island City to be exact) are two small exhibit spaces collectively referred to as "Climate/Gallery" run by artists Whitey Flagg and Herman James. On February 6th, there will be an opening reception of a collage/assemblage/montage exhibit entitled "Putting-It-All-Together". Whitey and Herman curate a different exhibit every month. These exhibits have different themes and have thus far been non-juried (so they provide a great opportunity to show your work!). They do have a "juror" come in to select several artists' works which are then shown as "Selected Artists" works on the website. For the upcoming "Putting-It-All-Together" exhibit, the juror will be our friend Jonathan Talbot.
I have submitted these two pieces. The first is entitled "The Evolution of Greed" and the other "The Convolution of Lust". These are 9.5" in 12" x 12" frames. I am thinking of doing a series of the seven "deadly" sins in a similar style. Perhaps I will see some of you at the reception next Saturday! Make sure you check out the Climate/Gallery website at climategallery.com

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