The annoying CAPTCHA

And what is a captcha if you don't already know? It's that annoying little box of hard to read numbers and/or letters that appear at the bottom of the comment box on this blog.
I don't really like the captcha...they are sometimes almost impossible to decipher and I just want to comment and move on. But I keep getting these crazy spam comments lately. Some are porn. Some are Asian business schemes. All are annoying.
Today I turned on the feature that allows for that annoying captcha on comments. It will save me the effort of keeping the clearinghouse clean!

I spent all day yesterday working on another fern blossom interpretation. I have nothing much to say about it here, tho. It's too big for my home scanner, and until you can see it visually there's no point in discussion! Been working with paints more and trying to hone up my pen and ink skills. Maybe some of this diligence is wearing off because I am teaching Design 111 at SUNY Cobleskill this semester. I am teaching/learning of line, value, hue. Rhythm, unity and balance. Seriously, I have to practice what I am preaching. The teaching is making raise the bar and think more studiously about my creative work. I love it when life throws you a bonus like that.

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