Set Sail by Cellestial Navigation

Set sail alright....straight to the studio table and right to work.
Spent most of the day working on this piece. I liked the vivid colors. I think this is my latest thrill in these pieces...to be able to use such bright acrylics and mix them with the richness of glossy photos. The dark black in the upside down columns (boat!) make a great foil with the red.
Starting to feel much more comfortable but I also notice I am relaxing the rules. There are lots of pieces of ephemera in this work. The mans' bodies come from art auction catalogs I picked up for $3.00 a piece in Philly at a cool art bookstore. I don't know what the copyright rule is on a print of an old masters artwork...? Certainly these originals are more than 100 years old, but the print was in the last 5 years most likely....??
(I needed bodies with rich color! There the half torn catalogs sat. What could I do?) I wrestled with using them, but the overall effect could not be achieved otherwise...There's a partial Lindor candy label in the upper left corner. The rest was free and clear.

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