Cosmic seamstress

Cosmic seamstress
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I am almost done with this 13 part series. It's been a struggle and also a revelation.
Yupo...my substrate for this particular group...has this ability to hold the vibrancy of acrylic color in a way that I cannot achieve on watercolor paper. I like the flowing effect of blended paint that remains frozen in time. It's controllable to a degree and sure does provide for an intriguing background to work with. I am exploring using my photography as a source for my latest work and Yupo allows the rich glossy photo to blend a bit easier into the work. I can't match this effect on paper. It's a small discovery, and it's something I can explore further.
The new glue I am using from Talas is PVA...it's terrific. It's holding down my photos much better than the Golden Matte medium because there's much more tack with this glue. I can take advantage of paper textures easier, since I don't need to coat the entire piece with medium. For this glue, application to the back of an object works just fine. It must have a very small amount of water, because my ephemera does not swell when I coat the back.
All this technical jargon!!! I just want to share my insight! However small it may be, I am earning the information by experience. You good reader, can take it or leave it, however I have lived it!!!


andrea said...

Hi Julie, I love this one... And I'd love to really appreciate all the cool details. Could you post it a bit larger on Flickr?

Julie Sadler said...

sure will do.

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