Hunting for Black Star Moss

Hunting for Black Star Moss
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This one is busy busy busy. Tangled and confusing, dark and angular just like a real forest.
There's a crazy amount of photos in this pic. I did a background out of acrylic which I seriously hated. I let it drip and I also painted it hoping for a grassy effect and what I got was some kind of contrived looking mess. I decided I had to cover it. The waterfall photo started it off and the rest just grew organically like a real forest.
The people parts are copyright free...continuing my quest to be able to do this using more of My Stuff. It's not that hard, my brain is catching on. My photography continues to drive me and I search for a look that is half realism, half dreamism. Just like in real life, the lines are always blurred for us as to just what "real" is.
Photo notes In this piece, the central waterfall was from a shot taken on the path to Jockeybush Lake (pentax 35mm), the mossy closeups were taken at the shores of Horseshoe Lake (pentax), the sideways grainy pieces were taken in my lawn at night with the Lomo colorsplash (and i thought they came out so odd I could never use them...), and the random yellow twiggy pieces were taken at the trailhead to Cranberry Lake (lomo colorsplash).
Bringing all of these locales together seems magical from the start. I like the concept.
Relying on the Yupo and acrylic for some background chemistry works most of the time. On this one however, I found myself going off the path...and into my own tangled dream forest!

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