Coming Home

So it's been almost 2 full months since I took my little time out. At first I was full of enthusiasm to find something new in what I do. I took a ton of photos, keeping in mind that I wanted these to be my new collage fodder.
This weekend, I finally sat down at the table to do some new things. I broke out the new glues, the new pictures, the new ideas. And there I sat like a timid rat. It's funny how when I do art every day I can come up with hundreds of things and I go thru images like I drink water. When I take a break from this almost daily practice, I end up rusty. Afraid.
I ended up picking up an assemblage I was working on. I couldn't concentrate on new techniques. Maybe my mind was in protest...?

Later on, I went back to the table and I did start some new pieces, with some new rules. I am challenging myself to do it myself. To get a New Look using minimal ephemera. This is so difficult for me at this point. I am so used to doing things a certain way!!! AND that is just the crux of the problem. Robotic Julie is caged for now.


Laura said...

Hey Honey, it's OK to play with the new direction, your exploring and touching some new waters and you old ways will always be there but it's good to look out a different window or try a different stair way.... I'm with you in feelings on this new venture. Been there...

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