Who did this Work?

I am finally back in my own life again and it feels like an explosion. As it usually goes when I get a bunch of free time, my brain has gone crazy and visited new internal places and has come up with all sorts of new ideas. I am anxious to get back to creating --sharing-- and of course, blogging! So lets get a move on!

I got an email from Ethan Kirschner with an identification question. He has this image and is looking to see who the artist is that created it. It looks familiar to me, and I know I have seen it before, but where? I cannot immediately recall. I even think this person was featured here on the blog...the eyes are so familiar....

Was it you? Do you know who did this work??


Anonymous said...

Hannah Hoch made a photomontage with eyes as the flowers in a bouquet.


Eva said...

Or maybe it was this by Augusto de Campos.

DavidG said...

This reminds me of Jess:


(sorry, that's the biggest image I could find on the Interwebs, but you should go see it at SF MOMA if you get the chance! It has a web of eyes in the upper left corner!)

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

It turned out to be this:

"Lady June's Linguistic Leprosy is a collaboration album between the poet Lady June (June Campbell Cramer), Kevin Ayers and Brian Eno. The recording was made for £400 in the living room of Kevin Ayers' Maida Vale home. [1] The original release was a limited pressing of 5000 copies which quickly sold once people realised who was participating on the recording. [2] The album has been reissued subsequently by Market Square Records."


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