Family Leave??

Do blogs come with a family medical leave option???
I have been absent from my job, absent from my beloved studio and home, and absent from the life I normally lead which includes this blog! Due to family events, including a 1 week stay in Wilmington, NC and now another stay for 4 days in Boston, I have had to turn my attention to closer personal matters and help the family. I have to admit, it's difficult for me to leave my comfort zone. I used to be a traveler and not care where I was or where I went. But as I get older, I feel the effect of being away from my normal life and passions. It wears me down. My trip to see my daughter in North Carolina was way overdue, since I have not gone down to see her at her home in 7 years. (yes, we saw each other several times, just in NY, not in NC!) Just when I thought I would be able to settle down in my own life again, my sister had an injury and needed some immediate neurosurgery on her neck. I was called upon to help her recover in Boston. So here I am. And here we are. No posts in a few weeks.
Sometimes circumstances take priority, and then it's time to live. Time to be the person that you dream of in those lonely moments inside your head while you are creating. This is the substance of life. Living it is not optional! So I have had to put this blog on hold for a couple of weeks, but you have to believe that inside I am craving my life back. Soon enough I will burst again on this blog scene and fill your heads with a conglomerate of insane things!
Meanwhile, go and live a bit!! Enjoy the quiet.


Jaxx said...

You are missed, but I know all too well how "real life" sometimes interferes with the "beloved life". JW

tgarrett said...

Thanks for letting us know what was up Julie and we do miss you. Good luck with your family issues and hoping for your chance to return to your nest happens soon for you.
Theo and I have missed you-

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