Happy Birthday Collage Clearinghouse!!

Happy Birthday to Collage Clearinghouse!!! You are 2 years old today!
On a fateful December day 2 years ago, I began writing this blog. It was a journey that has taken me all over the place. I have met people, shared with people, got pissed at people, learned from the people. It's so great to communicate. I am still happy to be here. I know sometimes the posts are lean and it's difficult always to drum up heavy enthusiasm when your checkbook is empty, your holiday seems lacking, and your family is driving you nuts. I try always to return here tho, and finally when the dust settles on all the craziness, it's here where my most important moments are spent.

Jay of blue
This weekend, I began the very late task of getting my Christmas together. For this year, I made my Dad and grandmother a card. For the rest of my immediate loving family I have made tag cards our of old cards, vintage cards and wrapping paper.

Santa on black
I plan to put a bunch of interesting little ribbon and ornamentals on the top thru the hole. Then these tags will rest in a slit on the front of a card made of nice paper. Inside I will write sweet nothings to the recipient.

Christmas Polar Bear Fairy
The ornament/tag they can pull out and hang on the tree. Double duty style. Card/ornament. ornament/card.

Cardinal Christmas
These are rather pathetic excuses for fine art collage. But at this time of year, I turn to a more craftwardly (!! a new word!) way of looking at things. I can't send Santa tags with disjointed legs and 2 mouths to my elderly Grandmother. It just isn't proper. I can send her a cute little red bird sitting on top of vintage ribbon on a tag tho....this is something she will like. At times, I just want something with a crafty older world feel to it--that Scrapbook look. Something homemade that will tickle the fancy of those I love.
Soon enough, I can return to the crazed pieced together world that I live in. For now, I tone it down, sort of like how Rudolph toned down that darn red nose before reindeer Christmasland found out his nose would lead Santa in the snowy night!


nature morph said...

Look at that Jay collage -- I love it! I'm doing a collage postcard giveaway on my blog right now -- could you email me your address so I can send you one? From one collage artist to another. And happy birthday/anniversary to the blog!

Julie Sadler said...

OMG, yes. Lets do this, and I shall also send a "morphed" card your way!


tgarrett said...

Congrats Julie-
I have so enjoyed this!

Anonymous said...

Julie, Happy 2 years old! Collage Clearinghouse has become a regular stomping ground for inspiration and exposure to the collage world. Keep up the great writing, images, and insight. Thanks for creating one of the few ongoing sites I always enjoy visiting.

My Best, Charles

Anonymous said...

Julie, I do not wish to be "anonymous" with my comments above. I am proud of my words and going public about it : )!


Lisa said...

Happy Birthday Collage Clearinghouse! And Happy Holidays.

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