Josie Lewis

Mandala, 2007, paper and resin, 48" X 48"

Josie Lewis is a Minneapolis based artist. Her collage work is put together in a really interesting way. She layers the strips of paper that make up her compositions with alternating layers of resin; this method gives them an incredible depth and physicality. Her pieces are often several inches thick with multiple layers of resin, which has a very high gloss finish. Her images are abstract mosaics often comprised of concentric rings surrounded by undulating organic forms. She describes them on her site as “…a blend of micro and macro: a satellite image confused with a blown-up cellular structure.” Her website is really great and I would recommend a visit, but I have a feeling the pictures don’t do these justice. Luckily, if your in the Minneapolis area you can see Some of Josie’s work at The Gallery at Fox Tax, opening Sept. 13.

A Tale of Two Cities, 2008, found paper and resin,15" X 15"

A Tale of Two Cities (detail)

Guest Editor, 2008, found paper and resin,15" X 15"


ChrisF said...

Greetings from Grand Rapids MN:
wowie! and I stumbled upon you through Maletti, from Italy... he has a page devoted to collage... Your stuff is exciting! ChrisF

Mariana Fossatti said...

Amazing work!

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