Pastepapers - Texture

Thru bookbinding channels, I found out today about paste papers. They are papers that are made by adding color to either paste or methyl cellulose. This mixture is then applied to a sheet of paper and then objects are often dragged over the paper to create patterns. Sounds bizarre and ends up 3d perhaps? Haven't seen these in person, however these links will lead to some fine examples, some of which could be downloaded.
Deutsche National Bibliothek
Panther Peak Bindery
These folks create new papers you can purchase if you like.

Dolmetsch, Helene, Stuttgart, 1909
Why am I posting this on a collage blog? Because they would make excellent backgrounds in their own right, and perhaps they could inspire one to create their own textures. I really like the fingerpainted homespun look they have.

Behrens, Lilli, Düsseldorf, 1904


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Very cool!

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