By now you must have heard of this site or you have your head in the sand.... It's almost difficult to avoid at this point, with thousands of crafty and artsy individuals selling their wares in virtual shops. I can't believe how Etsy has grown and how prominent their exposure is. It's a great site for those that don't want to get involved with website building and all that. Websites require a bit of knowledge and sometimes some software, so it's a bit more intimidating then going onto Etsy and creating a storefront. Anyone can do it.
The marketing playing field on Etsy is pretty even, too. Each user is given the same tools to promote their goods and they do a great job on providing all sorts of tools, forums, logos, ideas, inspiration, etc.....
I listed a few ephemera things on etsy a couple of years ago. With all the latest hoopla and exposure on the site, I decided to list a few of my handmade books that I have been playing around with. So my little Etsy has been rejuvenated.

"Footloose" 11" x 11" x 4" - mixed media

©Elena Mary Siff

Lo and behold, Elena Mary Siff, who is a prolific and very talented collage and book artist, created today's Etsy Finds...in which she picks out several interesting handmade books, Including Mine! The newsletter reaches 13,000. Whether or not my book sells, it sure will get seen today. Thank you Elena....and Thank you Etsy!

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Daniel Allyn Lee said...

Hey, congrats on being featured!
nice shop!
I have an etsy shop where I had been listing some collages but I decided to switch it to all plush toys. I was considering opening a second shop for collage...maybe I will.


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